capoeirainstitueOur Capoeira Institute Southwest Regional Chapter is a nonprofit arts organization whose foundation is built on honoring traditions and building connections. We inspire Tucson and the Southern Arizona region to strengthen our communities by engaging in the thrilling Afro-Brazilian arts of capoeira, music, dance, and Brazilian culture.  We provide in-school programs, workshops and event participation to economically challenged youth and families, public performances and festivals, and ongoing training to promote cultural links and achieve excellence in mind, body and spirit. Funding provides youth and family scholarships and supports in-school programs and community performances and events in Afro-Brazilian capoeira, dance, music, arts and culture.

Help us bring excellent Afro-Brazilian arts programs to Tucson and Southern Arizona and make them accessible to all youth and families.


The Capoeira Institute is a non-profit organization with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Fairfax, San Rafael, Petaluma, San Diego and our Southwest Regional Chapter in Tucson, Arizona. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a level of excellence in technique, ritual and tradition in the training and performance of capoeira, and committed to the following:

  1. To facilitate and promote the education of the general public about capoeira and the many other diverse aspects of Brazilian culture such as dances, arts, folklore, games, customs and rituals; Specifically, this will be achieved by, but not limited to the following:
  2. To promote cultural exchange between the United States, Brazil and other countries emphasizing both the creation of opportunities in capoeira as well as developing an understanding of capoeira and other Brazilian related activities for the underserved segments of society, especially disadvantaged youth.
  3. To continuously create and maintain an elite level of excellence with respect to techniques, rituals and tradition in training and performing capoeira and other related activities; To expose all levels of society to such activities with the intent of educate, discipline and integrate people of California, the US and abroad about capoeira, Brazilian culture and its diverse related activities.