gamesmusicCapoeira Mandinga Tucson was founded in 1996 by Anne Pollack (Mestra Luar do Sertão). With over 29 years of experience in capoeira, she continues to lead and direct our group. Capoeira is an expressive Brazilian art form that is fun for kids, teens and adults. It combines martial arts, dance, gymnastics and music, including instruments, rhythms and songs of capoeira and Brazil. Our Capoeira Mandinga Tucson group is part of our international Capoeira Mandinga group that is directed and guided by Mestre Marcelo Pereira, the third capoeira master to bring capoeira to the United States. We offer capoeira classes for tykes (ages 3 – 6), kids (ages 6 – 13), teens, and adults, honoring the traditions of both capoeira movements and music while encouraging creativity in the capoeira game. We also offer opportunities for all of our students to participate in capoeira and Brazilian dance shows and events both locally and around the US. Our group focuses on challenging students physically, mentally and musically in a supportive environment to inspire self-discipline, self-confidence, communication, tolerance, teamwork, fitness, flexibility, stability, endurance and concentration – important life skills that can be continually improved and built upon. Most importantly, we strongly support the efforts of everyone in our capoeira “family”. We encourage each student to continually strive to face and conquer new challenges and to explore capoeira and life as a means for self-expression.

Capoeira is a thrilling Afro-Brazilian martial art form that was started over 450 years ago in response to the oppression of Africans who were brought to Brazil as slaves. Interwoven into capoeira are elements of dance, song and percussion which were originally used to disguise training to fight for freedom by making it appear as a game of dance and music.

After centuries of oppression, in 2014 capoeira was officially recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and is the second most popular sport in Brazil. Its popularity is spreading rapidly in the US and around the world. Our Capoeira Mandinga group has schools in many US cities: Taiwan, China, Israel, New Zealand, Japan and Iceland. Capoeira enhances our Tucson community’s understanding and appreciation of Brazilian history and culture. In addition, capoeira is a remarkable means to bring together people of different cultures, gender, ages and socio-economics. Our Capoeira Mandinga Tucson group emphasizes respect for the traditions of capoeira and honors everyone as an individual who has the potential to help create a better society.

Our group emphasizes excellence, both locally and internationally. Through funding raised by our organization, Capoeira Institute Southwest, we strive to create opportunities for underserved members of our Southwestern communities to learn capoeira and take part in events in which we bring internationally respected masters of capoeira and Brazilian cultural arts into communities across the Southwest. Please support the Capoeira Institute Southwest Regional Chapter.