Capoeira Mandinga offers capoeira classes for tykes, kids, teens and adults.

Tykes Capoeira Classes (ages 4 – 6)
Capoeira movement and playfulness is awesome for young kids. We combine age appropriate capoeira moves with fun games and music. The physical coordination, rhythmic sense and mental focus taught in this class will build basic skills for the future capoeirista. It’s amazing what kids this age can do when given the opportunity!

Kids Capoeira Classes (ages 6 – 12)
Kids – come train at our capoeira academy three days per week! Capoeira is a great outlet for kids that provides a fun way to build strength, flexibility and coordination while also learning to respect both themselves and others. Kids are given a strong foundation in capoeira moves, capoeira songs and playing a variety of percussion instruments.

Beginners/Fundamentals Capoeira Classes (adults and teens)
A great introduction to capoeira technique for beginning students. Learn how to put capoeira kicks, escapes and other moves into the capoeira game. A good class for more advanced students to review the fundamentals that we all constantly need to work on.

All Levels Capoeira Classes (adults and teens)
For beginning though advanced students to learn and master a broad repertoire of capoeira moves and music. We will focus on how to apply these techniques skillfully in the capoeira game and roda.

Intermediate and Advanced Capoeira Classes (adults and teens)
For intermediate to advanced capoeiristas (yellow belt and above or with permission of Mestra Luar). This class will focus on advanced moves, sequences, dialogue and strategy in the capoeira game. We will also work on a variety of rhythms and songs on traditional capoeira instruments.

Women & Kids Capoeira Classes (women and children ages 4+)
Let’s build bonds, strengthen and empower women.  All women encouraged – with or without kids. Come train with other women. Come train with your child (ages 4+).  This class will give time to create positive experiences for all.

Parent/Caregiver & Kid Capoeira Classes (Adult + child ages 4+)
Dad, Mom, Grandparent, Guardian, Caregiver.  Join your child to train half of class, then adults train together while kids (supervised) play together.  A great class to build strong bonds with your child AND with other parents/guardians/caregivers while learning capoeira.

Luar’s Bodyweight Fitness (adults and teens)
Improve your strength, balance and flexibility. This class will work on the strength of your abs/core, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, back and more. We will also work on balance and flexibility.  Each week will focus on different regions of the body!

Get Fit! with a fun, dynamic movement program based on Brazilian dance and the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira.  “Ginga” is Portuguese for “swing” and the base of all Capoeira moves. Increase full body strength, flexibility, balance and stamina while discovering the rhythmic swing of the “ginga” and fun Brazilian music, dance and martial arts moves. This class will inspire and empower teens and adults of all ages and fitness levels to reach higher levels of fitness.